Wipro Lighting’s #SurprisinglyHuman attempts to resolve worries in the Corona-World

Wipro Lighting Campaign

New Wipro LED Lighting campaign focusses on the importance of contactless offerings with a narrative set against the backdrop of pandemic-induced hesitations.

In the last few months, a lot has changed for humans across the globe. Together in suffering and triumphs, people have found ways to keep going despite the distance. It is perhaps the proverbial time to shine for all things tech. Could this grace be extended to home appliances? The new Wipro LED Lighting campaign highlights a plethora of possibilities while sharing a heartwarming tale of a father-daughter enjoying a late meal together. #SurprisinglyHuman indeed!

The campaign captures the consumer trust and brand resonance that Wipro Lighting enjoys in the Indian market. With decades of innovative products combined with consumer trust, the campaign reflects the warm glow that the brand offers. As the world reels in a pandemic, deprived of the very touch of love, Wipro offers a disruptive solution like touch-free lights that provide convenience and safety.  

The film depicts a corona warrior, a doctor who is home after a long day at work. As he navigates the intricate maze of furniture and electrics at home, his hesitation at touching the light switch is apparent. Would it be risking infection to his family members with such a simple act? The moment is raw and pure with emotions and instantly makes the viewers recall similar experiences. Voice command, powered by Alexa, comes to his rescue, helping him light up the room as well as maintain his peace of mind. All it takes is one less touch. 

With a subtle integration of the Wipro smart lights in the film, the brand conveys a meaningful message, while keeping the sanctity of the story intact. 

According to the brand, the intended target segment for the campaign is 25-45-year-old working persons in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, who are interested in technology and new gadgets. The willingness to experience new stuff is also a key criterion. The brand aims to create awareness for the category and the benefits for such smart lights.

What makes the film interesting is how it talks about the convenience of voice commands and safety features without taking away from the nuances of personal relationships between persons sharing a household. It further reflects Wipro’s brand promise of giving solutions and standing tall with their consumers, even during the most difficult times. The campaign beautifully captures the current situation, while sharing that all is not lost – all it takes is the right technology and the will to make it through.