YouTube adds new features to the mobile app

YouTube mobile

YouTube is making some changes in the user interface, moving icons, and introducing new features and gestures to improve and control the video viewing experience on mobile apps.

The new YouTube updates for mobile apps include an expanded version of video Chapters, changed placements of icons, new gestures to control the viewing experience, and more, as reported by TechCrunch & The Verge.

Full-Screen Mode

Users can now swipe up on the playback window to enter full-screen mode and swipe-down to exit the full-screen mode.

This gesture will only work on the playback window, so scrolling through the comments or suggested videos below the window remains uninterrupted.

Closed Captions

Earlier users had to tap the three dots to open the menu and the switch closed captions on or off, with the new update, YouTube has added a button on the overlay menu to do the deed.

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The autoplay toggle button has been moved to the top of the playback window. This change would be unimportant for some users as the button is not used as often as the placement suggests.

Video Chapters

Video Chapters that were first rolled out a few months ago are being expanded now. Chapters break up a video into sections, each with an individual preview, that gives info and context o the viewer and allows them to rewatch different parts of the video easily.

The new version features a list that shows all chapters of the video, including a preview thumbnail.

Playback Time

Now users can switch between how much time has passed and how much time is left of the video.


Suggested Actions, a new addition by the platform will show prompts such as ‘rotate the phone for a landscape video’, play a video in VR, and more.

Screenshot Source: The Verge