YouTube tests reminder prompts in comments & new section in Subscriptions

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube tests

The reminder in comments would prompt users to be more respectful, and the new section would aid users to keep a track of upcoming content, as a part of the YouTube tests.

Both of the features reminder prompts & the new section are currently in the beta phase and are a part of YouTube tests with a small group of users.

Reminder Prompts

To boost respectful interactions on the platform, YouTube is testing a pop-up or prompt that reminds users to give consideration to the comment they have typed out, and if it might be potentially offensive or harassing, before posting it.

YouTube adds that as the system wouldn't be able to catch all potentially offensive comments, any comment that doesn't trigger the prompt but is a violation of the Community Guidelines is still subject to removal.

The comments section on YouTube videos is often a displeasing place. When a user doesn't agree with or like what the creator or other users in the comments section have to say, they tend to use foul language.

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If the systems are able to better detect such comments, they might be able to curb the hateful language. The platform says they continue to experiment with the reminder according to the experiment results.

New Section in Subscriptions

The new section being tested in the YouTube Subscriptions feed would make it easier for users to find upcoming content from the channels that the user has subscribed to.

Scheduled live streams and Premieres will be presented in the reverse chronological order, the content being published soonest will be shown first, and so on. The separate section is presently called 'Upcoming live and premieres'.

Users can turn on notifications and get reminded when the Live stream begins or a video is premiered.

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