Aakash Digital’s latest campaign crosses 30M views, admissions grow by 3x

Aakash Digital campaign

In their recent campaign with Yuvraj Singh, Aakash Digital has tried to capture the journey of NEET & JEE aspirants, motivating them to keep at it.

As the adage says, ‘Failure is the stepping stone to success’ – every experience, every setback, every error shapes us into a better person. One who’s prepared to strive and achieve the excellence students always talk about. In their recent campaign, Aakash Digital captures the true essence of success, urging them to keep trying. 

Titled, ‘Success is Waiting’, featuring celebrated cricketer and an inspirational human, Yuvraj Singh, the campaign beautifully captures how one needs to stand against all odds to fulfil their dreams. Singh, an epitome of courage, inspiration, and dedication both on and off the field, expresses how naysayers will always pull you down, but one needs to prove them wrong and chase their passion with all their might. 

With a poetic narration in the background, Yuvraj is seen training and working out, striving to reach the zenith of his aspirations. He shares with the students how they need to break free of the world’s opinions and judgement and convert every negative thought into a positive one. 

Through a heartfelt message, the video shares how success involves waiting and trying over and over till you reach your final destination. Capturing the arduous journey of NEET & JEE students, Aakash Digital advocates the message of not giving up, especially when they have a companion in their online Repeaters’ Course. The campaign has garnered 30M+ Views with multiple edits of the film running across YouTube since the launch of the campaign late September. This year Aakash Digital has been able to grow their NEET/JEE repeater admissions by a whopping 3x riding on the success of this campaign.  

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Yuvraj Singh is the perfect role model for anyone who has encountered a setback in life and now seeks an inspiration to fight back. To him ‘bouncing back’, ‘tenacity’ and ‘grit and determination’ are not mere words, but deeds he has demonstrated with aplomb. Bro, you have inspired many with on and off the field heroics bro. I needed a mentor too during my tough time especially when I was struggling with my back problems in 2010. I certainly got positivity from my mentor which helped come back to the Indian team after a career-threatening injury. I hope students preparing for NEET and JEE gain inspiration from this because hurdles are only a part of life. One needs to show resilience and belief in self to succeed! @aakashdigital @yuvisofficial #KhudKiSuno #SuccessIsWaiting #NEET #JEE #PrepareOnline

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The campaign due to its core messaging got social media netizens talking about it. As Yuvraj Singh shared the campaign from his social media handles, athletes such as Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan, and many others became a part of the conversation, enhancing the reach of the campaign. 

With the amalgamation of meaningful words and an athlete that stands brute willpower and dedication, Aakash Digital has managed to create a holistic video that inspires the students