#BBCdad returns on screen with interruptions for a Twitter campaign

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter campaign

Kids are back at it again, videobombing an ad film featuring their #BBCdad, this time it's for a Twitter campaign explaining a new feature called conversation settings.

The new Twitter campaign recreates the widely circulated and popular video of the #BBCdad being interrupted by his kids during live news broadcast on BBC.

Robert Kelly, a Political Analyst & Professor in Political Science turned into the infamous #BBCdad when his interview during the news broadcast turned into a piece of slapstick comedy, the clippings of which were widely shared and used for memes.

The video was running through the internet globally for a few days and the family grew more and more popular. The family was also called for an interview to discuss the hilarious instance, on BBC.

In the interview, Robert mentioned that he had no idea the video would grow as famous as it got, but he understood why the people liked it so much, it was catching a regular family off-guard in a humorous turn of events. He also added that he got a wave of commentary and response from social platforms and the media.

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Recreating this instance to promote the feature — conversation settings has been one of the most ingenious concepts, the method of picking up a famous internet personality for a campaign is not new, but the narratives have never run so parallel, with Robert being a perfect fit for the campaign, resounding the trait he got famous for.

Conceptualized by David The Agency, the campaign explains, as Tweets are often subject to uninvited guests with ulterior motives who can derail the conversation or simply just disturb it, the new conversation settings can help a user decide who can reply to the Tweet.

The new conversation settings on Twitter has three options - everyone (Default), only people you follow, and only people you mention.

Users can still view & like the tweet, retweet & retweet with comment. Tweets set for specific replies will be labelled with the reply icon greyed out.

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