Bright Brain bags the digital mandate for Nasher Milles

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Nasher Miles

As part of the mandate, Bright Brain will handle the search engine marketing, social media advertising, E-Commerce advertising, and search engine optimization for Nasher Miles.

Lokesh Daga, Co-Founder, Nasher Miles said, "Bright Brain has been instrumental in the growth of our digital journey. Even during the pitch meeting, Suhail and his team were extremely well prepared, to not just answer our queries, but to also address marketing challenges that we hadn’t even thought of yet. They had planned an impeccable strategy for our brand to reach its digital objectives".

He adds, "They’ve been working tirelessly with us since the last couple of months now, and have helped us increase our digital ROI by around 25%. We’ve kick-started our campaigns, post Covid-19 again, and we’re sure that the Bright Brain team will deliver stellar results again".

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Suhail Bajaj, Director, Bright Brain, mentions "Nasher Miles, as a brand was going through a digital transformation when we met them, and we were glad to step-in at the right time. Our team has collaboratively worked with theirs and has strategized and executed high-performing campaigns, throughout the digital ecosystem.

He adds, "Amazon Advertising and Management has been the leading force here, and I’m glad that our campaign team has been able to reduce the ACOS by around 10% month on month. We’ve already strategized multiple campaigns for the brand, after this brief hiatus, and we are sure that this collaboration is just going to keep getting better".

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