CamPure leverages product placement in Mirzapur for social media content

CamPure Mirzapur

Product feature in a Mirzapur episode helps CamPure extend their ongoing campaign’s narrative of how camphor helps people calm down, in the OTT world.

In an episode of the recently released Mirzapur season, CamPure spotted one of their products hanging in the car. It was a cone-shaped car freshener. Since it was in sync with their overall brand marketing of how their products can help people stay calm, they chose to leverage it in the form of an Instagram post.

The creative used in the post is in the layout that is akin to Amazon Prime Video’s interface. The caption used by the brand played on the anger impulse and management aspects of the show and how it fits perfectly with the brand’s overall narrative for their ongoing campaign.

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With OTT content gaining prominence in a wider set of audience, Campure has managed to spot an organic placement and make the best out of it. This is not the first time a brand has found a seamless integration in content – be it paid or organic.

The brand has also recently launched a campaign along the same lines. Comprising of 15-seconder films, the Calm Kare campaign showcases tense situations from everyday life and how their product can help diffuse that tension. Their communication strategy is to bring out the calming and soothing effect that camphor has on people and also cue usage avenues.