Case Study: How Colgate leveraged social media to drive app downloads for its online teledentistry platform

Colgate Dentists for me initiative case study

With the help of social media and influencers, Colgate launched its online teledentistry initiative, as a part of its lockdown communication strategy.

This case study explores how Colgate leveraged social media to drive app installations for teledentistry platform across India. The initiative, ‘Dentists for me’, garnered 25 million+ reach through its digital mix.

Category Introduction

Dentist services were severely affected with the COVID-19 lockdown. This meant people suffering from painful & urgent dental problems, had no access to dental care. Telemedicine usage has seen a flip post-COVID-19. Gynecology, GP, and Dermatology emerged as the topmost consulted specialties. Together, they accounted for 51% of the overall consultations.

With only 10% of India willing to see dental care as part of primary healthcare, teledentistry has even lower interest and awareness. Most dentists are unaware of teledentistry, its goals and advantages, and how to get involved in it. Moreover, the importance and application of teledentistry as a method of promoting oral health across geographies and underserved/underprivileged communities is yet to be properly explored.

Brand introduction

Colgate is one of the leading oral care brands in India. Its stated mission is ‘To Keep India Smiling’ by aiming to provide everyone access to the best dental care solutions.


Dentists for me – the online dental consultation platform that gives every Indian free access to the best dental care, was launched during India’s countrywide lockdown.

The initiative connected users to nearby dentists via chat messaging, audio and video calls, allowing them to enjoy free remote consultations and oral check-ups from leading dentists across the country, from their home.

The campaign involved a personalized dashboard, users are able to chat with dentists and view their own electronic medical records.

Partnering with Colgate-Palmolive, VMLY&R led the development of the platform, from the initial insights to its design and development across web and app, including both Android and iOS. The agency also handled digital communication for the platform’s launch, including the creation of a digital film to showcase the service, along with the social media strategy and content development.

Problem Statement/Objective

At a time, that 1.3 billion Indians lost access to commodities, including non-essential health commodities, Colgate wanted to provide accessible and affordable dental care to all Indians from the comfort of their homes.


A purposeful and meaningful solution to reinforce the brand’s commitment to ‘Keep India Smiling’.

Creative idea

The dental solution, phone-delivered!


With limited services in dentistry due to the restrictions of movement owing to the ongoing pandemic, the challenge was to create an online teledentistry platform for free remote access to dental care solutions.

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The campaign was promoted with a video released on YouTube and social platforms. The brand leveraged Twitter to listen to conversations where consumers spoke about a need for dental care solution and offered a free-to-use online oral-care solution.

The campaign also leveraged Facebook especially carousel ads to drive app installations, followed by Instagram posts.

The brand roped in mom-bloggers and influencers to reach out to people.

The 150+ dentists & also the ambassadors of the program shared their alliance and association with the initiative through a Certificate of Association, showcased on social media.

The campaign involved search ads and Google display ads for more visibility & reach


  • People reached- 25-30 million
  • Total Sign-ups- 85,072 + patients registered
  • Total time of calls- 125,284+ minutes of free dental consultation


Arvind Chintamani, Vice President -Marketing at Colgate-Palmolive, said, “During this COVID-19 pandemic, people’s oral health concerns might get compromised as physical visits to dentists are often not possible. Colgate “Dentists for Me” makes top dentists from around the country accessible on your phone via a video or audio call, absolutely free, from the comfort of your home. This service is inspired by Colgate’s commitment to Keep India Smiling and to ring in optimism, every day through the Power of a Smile.”

Commenting on Colgate – Dentists for Me service, Anil Nair, CEO- VMLY&R India said, “Colgate is synonymous with Oral care, and as a digital brand custodian, it became imperative to remain true to this core value during these uncertain times. Through insight we identified that although dental related issues are not fatal, it can be gravely painful, and hence the need for a digital solution.”

He added, “We are elated to have partnered with Colgate-Palmolive to connect people in need across India to the dental experts who can help via this beneficial new platform. Colgate Dentists for me represents the next wave of digital service adoption in India, and we look forward to continuing to build more innovative solutions to make these important connections in the future.”