Case Study: How Cosplaygenie banked on Halloween to create awareness around cosplay in India

Cosplaygenie by Nodwin Gaming cosplay in India Halloween campaign

In a bid to promote cosplay in India, Cosplaygenie launched a month-long Halloween campaign spanning social media platforms to create awareness & engagement amongst fans.

Category Introduction

India has seen a steady increase in the number of cosplayers and even people interested in Cosplay, in recent years. With events like ‘Comic Con’ attracting more and more people every year, it has opened up new avenues for Cosplayers in India and brought Cosplay into the mainstream media.

Seeing the steady growth, experts still feel that India is an untapped market when it comes to cosplay.

Brand Introduction

Cosplaygenie is a venture by NODWIN Gaming to increase awareness and educate the Indian audience about Cosplay. The main motive behind the venture is to get the audience acquainted with the art and the culture that surrounds it.


Cosplaygenie’s Halloween campaign spanned over the entire month of Spooktober. From cosplay makeup tips to Halloween fun facts, followed by the pop culture & anime references subtly introduced in the content, the campaign ended in October 2020.

Problem Statement/Objective

Cosplaygenie’s core objective was to create a buzz around Cosplay and get more and more people curious about the art & culture and to initiate a conversation around it.

Catering to a niche audience, the campaign intended to build a bigger fan base for cosplaying and also, involve the existing Cosplay Indian community.


Sociomark was briefed to create awareness and educate the audience about Cosplay and it’s vast culture. Also, to provide information and encourage them to participate in International Cosplaying Tournaments.

Creative Idea

Leveraging Halloween- a season of costumes and tricks at its core, the idea was to appeal to the small, yet varied Cosplay community in India and also the comic book and anime fans. With this insight, the brand worked on a plan for the entire month to keep the audience engaged in a fun & quirky manner.


Diving into the Indian ecosystem with Cosplay is a challenge on its own, considering the lack of information about the art in the country. Capped with only a few credible sources, it becomes a challenge for Cosplayers and even brands to collaborate and make Cosplay mainstream.

Several other challenges faced by the brand included:

  • Curating a campaign to showcase the innovative nature of Cosplay without being outdoors because of the pandemic.
  • Making Cosplaygenie emerge as a market leader in an untapped market.
  • Engaging the audience throughout the entire month and keeping them interested by building curiosity around the topic

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The month-long campaign was divided into 6 sections below-

Last-Minute Costume Ideas

This tactic involved simple & easy to follow tutorials for last-minute Halloween costume & makeup ideas.

As one of the tactics, tutorial posts for last-minute Halloween props was also floated on Instagram.

Tips for favorite Halloween characters

Videos were used in a creative way to create an environment of spine-chilling horror akin to the spirit of the occasion.

Halloween Fun Facts

In a bid to educate the audience about Halloween, the brand shared posts with fun facts around the topical. 

Halloween Heroes

An online quiz activity was launched to engage with the audience using anime & pop culture.

Makeup tutorials for Halloween

These short video posts revolved around make-up tips and tutorials for Halloween characters.

Other engagement activities

Other engagement activities were shared with the viewers with Harry Potter posts, more DIY tips, amongst others.

The campaign was spread across 2 social media channels, including Facebook & Instagram. Instagram being a visual platform, it was leveraged to channel the brand’s image and help to personify its culture, worldwide.


The initiative garnered over 1300+ followers and 3500+ engagements across social media channels, meeting the brand’s objective in an effective manner. With an organic approach, the campaign helped in engagement & community growth across social media channels. 

  • Reach- +10%
  • Impressions- 17000+
  • Engagement- 3500+ (25%)
  • Community- 1300+ (35%)


Lalita Nayak, Head of Marketing – NODWIN Gaming, said, “Cosplay is an art form that transcends boundaries and is starting to gain acceptance in India as well. However, the future for Cosplayers in India will be defined by how brands and companies choose to go ahead about it. Making Cosplay mainstream and building a community is challenging, but not impossible and that’s what we set out to do. The sole purpose behind leveraging the Halloween themed communication was to ensure that our community gets every insight about this celebration in terms of roleplay & character representation.”