Case Study: How Mondelez's Madbury become a pan-India campaign

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Cadbury Dairy Milk from Mondelez India- Madbury 1.0

Mondelez India's Madbury campaign gave fans an opportunity to experiment with the chocolate, putting them in driver's seat, garnering 823 mn impressions.

The Madbury campaign was extended to all markets, bringing in a regional aspect combined with UGC.

Category Introduction

The chocolate category in India is currently a $1.2 Bn category and currently growing at close to 11% (as per industry sources). With more than 65% market share (as per industry sources, quoting Nielsen), Mondelez India is the undisputed market leader of the category. Cadbury Dairy Milk is the biggest brand with the mother brand (inclusive of Silk) enjoying 42% market share (as per industry sources, quoting Nielsen).

Key themes expected to drive growth for the category are higher penetration of chocolates and premiumization. While the premium segment was virtually non-existent in this category about 10 years back, it is now the fastest-growing segment within the market and as of today contributes close to 25% of the overall category.

Brand Introduction

Cadbury Dairy Milk aims to be an optimistic and progressive brand talking about goodness in this imperfect world.

Through the Madbury initiative, the brand attempted to leverage the power of social media to advance, inspire, and connect the purpose of generosity amongst diverse set of consumers.

Madbury Campaign Summary

In India, snacking is a shared occasion with friends and family. Indian consumers believe that chocolate is one of the interesting items to consume during evening snacking occasions and hence, they look for variety and flavors during that time frame. They believe chocolates are a great way to bring people together especially when it is to try new and interesting flavors.

There is also a belief that every house has a secret ingredient or condiment that they most identify with and that it gives their cooking a unique ‘home cooked’ flavor. Basis this insight, Mondelez India launched Madbury 1.0 'Kaun Banayega Hamari Agli Cadbury'. A consumer-led, digital-first marketing campaign that gave India its very own Cadbury flavors made by the consumers. In the process, the brand leveraged the power of social media to involve them in making their own chocolate flavor with ingredients of their choice.

Problem Statement/Objective

Build brand love for Cadbury Dairy Milk by presenting Cadbury chocolate as a canvas for innovation of flavor innovation and personalization like never before.


Create an experience for the annual flavor activation for Cadbury Dairy Milk. Explore the invention of chocolate by the truest fans of Cadbury in India with their local & unique take on innovation.


The joy of creating one’s own flavored Cadbury with a unique name by the consumers.


  • Creative

    designing that connects with the diverse and multi-dimensional consumer/fan

    base of Cadbury across the length and breadth of the country moving them to

    participate in our campaign.
  • Effective media planning within the diverse Cadbury Dairy Milk target group to drive conversion & participation with every impression.

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'Kaun Banayega Hamari Agli Cadbury' or the Madbury campaign involved a performance-driven initiative with a focus on the use of Facebook and Instagram tools to micro-target & create excitement amongst various cohorts from the target audiences to create their chocolate with its unique flavor & name.

The brand created a 65-seconder video showcasing how multiple consumer cohorts across the country went about making their own Cadbury. They focused on utilizing the local flavors to create their own versions of Cadbury. 

The video was followed by posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display, urging consumers to head to the Madbury website to invent their Cadbury. The website aimed to behave like a platform where consumers could play with the flavors, personalize their chocolate with specific names, color, etc.

The top 5 shortlisted flavors were put out for public voting on the site along with content pieces talking about the story behind each of the inventions.

The announcement campaign segued into the Madbury 2020 campaign urging consumers to go and create the next set of Madbury flavors, revolving around the thought of 'Kahaan Se Aayegi Humari Agli Cadbury'.

The brand partnered with Jio World to leverage its network with interactive and dynamic display personalized for all key scale cohorts from TG through Google and also recreate the website experience on their MyJio app.  


  • Two winning flavors – India’s first-ever Cadbury flavors made by consumers – Cadbury Dairy Milk Hint O’Mint and Cadbury Dairy Milk Panjeer, created by Cadbury lovers Apoorva Rajan (Bengaluru) and Prabhjot Anand (Punjab), respectively.
  • Over 8,50,000 Cadbury invention entries
  • 40% from millennials
  • 92% of mobile-first interactions
  • 823 million impressions
  • 39 million clicks
  • 17 million fans engaged

CMO Quotes

Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director - Marketing (Chocolates), Insights and Analytics, Mondelez India, said, "Cadbury Dairy Milk’s ubiquity has been melted into unique versions to fulfill the various snacking needs of the nation, which reiterates its entrenchment in the lives of our consumers, as a household ingredients. Therefore, we launched Madbury to give all the chocolate lovers a chance to create their ‘Home Wala’ Cadbury, by experimenting with flavors and ingredients of their choice. As a result, further strengthening our consumer connect."

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