Chimp&z Inc bags the digital mandate for Portronics


As per the mandate, Chimp&z Inc will be responsible for integrated digital services for the brand that includes crafting digital campaigns, strategizing influencer marketing, handling social media pages, and more.

Portronics awarded its social media mandate to Chimp&z Inc. As per the mandate, the agency will offer integrated digital services that include handling the brand’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, crafting digital campaigns, strategizing influencer marketing, & more.

The brand’s partnership with the agency is based on a shared vision of aiming to amplify the brand recall and visibility within its target audience, especially youth, leveraging social media.

Angad Singh Manchanda & Lavinn Rajpal, Co-founders, Chimp&z Inc commented, “We are excited to have Portronics on board. Chimp&z Inc is determined to realize the brand’s vision of expanding its reach in the youth and remodeling a new line of communication for the brand in the digital space.”

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Further, they added, “Portronics has been a trusted name in the market for years now, and we plan to amplify the same by enhancing the brand’s recall value while making a conversation with its target audience.”

Speaking about the way forward with the new partnership, Jasmeet Singh, Co-founder, Portronics, said, “Being a prominent Electronics Consumer brand, we strive for the best visualization of our products and their usability. Chimp&z Inc’s vision aligns with ours and we hope to be able to broaden our horizon and create a customized consumer experience. Through our alliance with Chimp&z Inc, we aim to grow our brand’s digital presence and make our products more accessible to the Indian marketplace.”