Advertisment takes interactive approach on YouTube to promote guilt-free festive eating habits

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Tapping on the insight of festive food binge and the guilt that follows, has launched an interactive YouTube Video. 

Keeping people company as they attempt to burn the extra calories gained during the festive season, has leveraged the End Screen templates on YouTube for a campaign. According to the brand, the idea behind the campaign is to help people manage their diets and workouts while indulging in occasional binge instead of denying the urge, especially during festivities. This is in sync with the brand’s overall messaging of driving people towards fitness that is holistic — physical, mental and emotional, with nutrition being an intrinsic part of the routine.

The core objective at has been to drive people towards a holistic healthy lifestyle. The idea is not to live in guilt after savouring a dish (especially during the festive season) or count calories, rather be cognizant of the effort that individuals themselves put into their fitness routine and accordingly manage their diets and workouts after an indulgent meal. The campaign aims to drive this thought within its users through an interactive approach.

The first video in the campaign features a trainer, highlighting the calories one may have consumed while eating dishes such as Aloo Tikki Chaat, Gajar Halwa & Jalebi and Besan Ladoo & Kaju Katli. Viewers are given the choice to select (click or tap on) videos as per their requirement for they will take them to specific fitness regimes. She promises viewers help as they navigate the way forward.

By selecting one of the choices, viewers are further directed to videos that are tailored for specific fitness regimes according to the number of calories they wish to burn. At the end of the second video, viewers are made aware of their progress so far and the way ahead for them to do away with the extra calories they wish to burn further. The concept of choice in the case helps them feel a sense of control over the process, making it an activity that’s fun instead of one that would be taxing. It is the first time a fitness brand has forayed into interactive content of this kind.

To drive the core messaging of the brand home, in addition to the interactive campaign, the brand has also released an anthem to welcome their members back to centres that are now opening up across cities, in sync with safety norms. Created by Social Panga is a lyrical manifestation of the strength of their community, an ode on the brand’s part to ensure that spirits run high despite the lingering effects of COVID-19. With this anthem, the brand hopes to kickstart fitness routines that may have taken a snooze during the lockdown.

By screen or at the centre, is all set to welcome fitness enthusiasts in their community, something that is reflecting plainly in their communication so far. anthem anthem campaign creative campaign digital campaign social media campaign youtube interactive campaign youtube interactive video youtube video we are the cult anthem