Facebook expands monetization opportunities for creators

Facebook creators

Facebook has added more ways to earn & collect ad earnings from matched videos, for creators with the Rights Manager tool in Creator Studio.

Rights Manager, the tool to control when, how, and where a creator’s content is shared across Facebook and Instagram, now has more tools and insights that will aid creators with earnings from their content shared across platforms, and not just by the posts published by them.

The new updates to the Rights Manager tool are:

  • Collect Ad Earnings tool is now available to more creators now, who will also be able to collect ad earnings from matching videos that include in-stream ads
  • A new filter for spotting monetizable matches has been added
  • Improved guidance for how to capture monetization opportunities

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  • Exportable revenue reports
  • The ability to collect ad earnings while placing an ownership link on the matched video
  • A new in-stream ads toggle button has also been added to the Creator Studio app
  • New video insights to aid rights holders quantify and optimize their protection activities and leverage fan-driven distribution, has also been launched

Rights holders have often fallen prey to plagiarism, to the extent that protective measures such as watermarks are removed from the content, now along with managing how and when their content is distributed, the Rights Manager tool would also be able to aid with financial assistance.

And, as several Pages often share a creators’ content, and with one piece distributed by multiple curators, the update has the potential to significantly increase a creator’s ad earnings.