iD Fresh Food’s #MadeWithLove salutes the spirit of doctors during COVID-19

iD Fresh Food #MadeWithLove campaign

As part of its #MadeWithLove campaign, iD Fresh Food dedicated the film to frontline healthcare workers, particularly doctors who are also mothers and continue to fight the deadly coronavirus outbreak amidst challenging times.

In a bid to express gratitude towards the frontline workers, iD Fresh Food, releases a new video as part of its latest #MadeWithLove campaign. The three-minute+ video expresses the admiration for our frontline healthcare workers, including doctor moms, who keep us safe every day despite many challenges.

In the video, a doctor, who has not visited home for the last two weeks, gets on a video call with her young daughter and family. She is happy to hear reassurance from the family that they are fine. The pleasant surprise though is to be told that the family hasn’t ordered any food from outside over the fortnight with ID Fresh products to the rescue.

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Commenting on the new campaign video, PC Musthafa, CEO and Co-founder, iD Fresh said, “Ever since the pandemic has disrupted life as we know it, we have been hearing numerous accounts from our customers across all walks of life on how they tackled the myriad challenges and managed to stay afloat. It has been heartening to know that so many people found comfort in iD’s wide range of foods, especially during the lockdown. The inspiration for our #MadeWithLove campaign stems from these shared stories of familial bonds, hopefulness, and love for home-cooked food. While our healthcare heroes have been fighting the tenacious virus – many of them mothers, away from their young children for days on end –I’m glad that iD could be a savior for their families.”

Rahul Gandhi, Chief Marketing Officer, iD Fresh Food further added, “Our doctors, nurses, and countless healthcare personnel make us proud with their unrelenting efforts to beat the virus that brought the world to a standstill. But what is it that brings a smile to their tired faces? What offers them a moment of respite? At iD, we know that our products have the ability to buoy the spirits of those on the front lines. Over the last seven months, we have become an integral part of many Indian households and workplaces, tackling the pandemic in their own unique ways.”

“Our #MadeWithLove campaign and the new video reinforce our firm belief that home-cooked, preservative-free, healthy food nurtures not just the body, but also the mind and the soul. It’ll help us sail through these tough times – with love and hope,” adds, Gandhi