Jaquar's festive campaign around spike protection urges consumers to make the right decision

Social Samosa
Nov 04, 2020 07:31 IST
Jaquar festive campaign

The slice of life campaign showcases the brand’s Prima LED range as a solution to flickering, dimming and outages caused by power fluctuations, especially with the upcoming festive season.

Growing up, regular power outages often led by power fluctuations have been a consistent part of our lives. Cut to 2020, these power surges and fluctuations hinder our daily WFH schedule, often leading to uncomfortable situations. Highlighting this problem and its potential solution, Jaquar Lighting’s festive campaign is all about a simple fix. 


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Created for the Prima LED bulbs range, the engaging campaign video takes us through various daily scenarios in a typical metropolitan high rise — be it cooking with a kid scurrying around or creating a makeup tutorial video, power surges have the potential of bringing our daily life to a screeching halt. As all suffer from the flickering and fuse related damage to their equipment due to fluctuating power, we see the protagonist enjoying a cup of tea under the consistent illumination of a Prima LED light. 

The campaign highlights how a simple solution like picking the right light bulb can put a stop to a problem that can have high financial implications in terms of damages. With the festive season just around the corner, the brand shares that power surges shouldn’t be the reason one cannot enjoy the joyous occasion to the hilt.  

Commenting on the new communication, Sandeep Shukla, Head of Marketing & Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group said, “The latest campaign from Jaquar Lighting is designed to create awareness and offer solutions to issues that consumers face due to electrical fluctuation. We wanted our TVC to share key insights into the problems faced due to changes in voltage in the power supply. With the Prima LED surge-protected bulb, we offer versatile and user-friendly products that offer the perfect home lighting solutions that resist power fluctuations up to 4kV. The TVC has been timed just ahead of the festive season to address the need when it affects most.”

With crisp storytelling and a contemporary set up, the brand manages to weave in the product's features within the narrative. The comic effect further adds to viewer engagement, creating a brand recall. With an eco-friendly product at their hands, Jaquar Lighting’s festive campaign is all about making the right choice. 

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