LinkedIn India features user testimonials to drive awareness in new campaign

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The new LinkedIn campaign intends to inspire professionals with real member stories of those who have found new jobs, and learned new skills by leveraging the power of community on LinkedIn.

Through the stories of three real members, the LinkedIn brand campaign aims to showcase how a small action on the platform can bring members one step closer to their professional goals and move their careers forward.

The ongoing economic crisis has left many professionals feeling stuck, uncertain, and overwhelmed. Now more than ever, professionals are leaning on their networks to navigate their way in the new world of work.

The campaign spotlights three real members Aparna Gosavi, Abhishek Panwala, and Shraddha Ghai to demonstrate how tools, resources, and one’s community on LinkedIn can help members find new jobs, learn new skills, and start new conversations.


“Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the world of work, and we are committed to inspiring our members with stories of those who are moving forward in these testing times. Our brand campaign features three-member stories that showcase how professional progress starts with a small, single step, and how your community can help you find your next job or learn a new skill to get ahead. They show us that if we work together, we can work through anything,” says Srividya Gopani, Director - Brand and Consumer Marketing, APAC and China at LinkedIn.

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Here’s how the three members featured in the campaign used the power of LinkedIn and the community on the platform: 

  • Aparna wanted to learn new skills to move closer to her goal of becoming a business analyst. She found the support and counsel she needed to keep learning, on LinkedIn.
  • Abhishek was coping with a job change and landed his next role by leaning on his professional network on LinkedIn.
  • Shraddha’s plan for higher education changed due to the pandemic. Undeterred, she used the #OpenToWork feature to land a new job on the platform.

The series of videos reflect the current challenges of how professionals are navigating their lives in the new world of work. In the videos, members are seen managing chores while attending calls, and building makeshift work stations to highlight the challenges of remote working.

The film also features a split-screen treatment and an ‘on-the-move’ pace to depict the scale of multi-tasking that most professionals’ lives are riddled with today. LinkedIn’s brand campaign is now live on select TV channels, and on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. The campaign also aired during the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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