LinkedIn launches The Company Engagement Report for B2B marketers

Paawan Sunam
Nov 03, 2020 05:24 IST
LinkedIn Engagement

The Company Engagement Report will aid marketers with company-level measurement and reporting metrics to analyze an ABM strategy and understand if it's working on LinkedIn.

Specifically, beneficial for account-based marketing (ABM) strategies that align sales and marketing, and engages a specific set of target accounts with marketing resources with account-level personalization. The Company Engagement Report by LinkedIn is designed to improve the efficiency of ABM strategies.

The Company Engagement Report tool is free for all members and available in Campaign Manager.

Metrics Tracked

The selective metrics are singled out on the basis of members' job title and the company they are associated with, as the B2B marketing channel's main advantage is the members' professional data.

Total Engagement Level

Calculated by taking the sum of ad engagement, organic engagement, and website visits — divided by the number of members targeted and benchmarked across companies marketed to on our platform.

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Member Targeted

A number of members who work at the company and have been targeted by a campaign.

Total Ad Engagement

A number of likes, comments, clicks, shares, and video views (counted if members viewed at least 25% of the video). Includes paid ads and ads virally shared.

Total Organic Engagement

Total number of interactions from posts from the organization’s LinkedIn Page.

Total Website Visits

Total number of times members visited your web page tied to the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

The metrics would help marketers observe if the campaigns are reaching the members in leadership positions authorized to make executive decisions, and understand how ads and content is perceived by the audience, by checking 'Impressions' (views), and more engagement metrics.

Marketers can accordingly adjust or alter their targeting, bid, or budget, use LinkedIn tools to improve efficiency, and make the most of the ad spends.