Case Study: How Mind Wars kept TG hooked with a Live Quiz Campaign under lockdown

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Mind Wars campaign

With the State Battle Campaign, Mind Wars kept kids and their parents engaged on social media for a period of four months this year.

Due to COVID-19, the regular programming of Mind Wars was stuck. To ensure that their regular viewers wouldn't miss out on the action and would remain engaged with the brand on Facebook and Instagram, Mind Wars created a State Battle Campaign. This included Daily Live Quizzes that kept people keep coming back for more content on a regular basis.

Category Introduction

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Brand Introduction 

Mind Wars is a multi-platform knowledge programme that aims to reach 1 crore students from over 40,000 schools across India. It is promoted by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.


The campaign was run to engage children in a robust learning session about India, the various states in the country, different Indian cultures, tribes, folk, food, language, famous places, and even a few international topics. The idea was to incubate pride in children for their home state and their amongst parents for their kids to participate and win a national championship. The State Battle Campaign was curated with a motto of developing a strong emotion among the said target group.

Problem Statement/Objective 

The objective of the campaign was to keep children excited to learn, grow, and win every day. Usually, the Mind Wars TV show does the job but the sudden lockdown had left the team with a challenge of creating new episodes and thus the campaign came to their rescue to keep kids engaged while staying true to the tagline: #MakeIndiaSmarter.


To emphasise and play on the element of pride and build on the sentimental value of the show's TG on Facebook and Instagram. The core idea was to incubate a sense of belonging, pride for the state, parent's pride for their children, the school, and social recognition.

Creative Idea

The content was curated keeping in mind the age group of 4 to 17 years. It included Trivia, Did You Know!, Multiple Choice Questions and Daily Live Quiz to keep the show's TG excited and engaged. The aim was to keep them looking forward to daily interactions and participate accordingly.

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The Daily Live Quizzes were conducted at 7:30 PM every day. Seema Chari and Kunal Savarkar were roped in by the team as Quiz Masters for the same. Celebrity Quiz Masters included Ankit Bathla, Shreyas Talpade, Shruti Panwar, Samaira Rao, Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal, and Shruti Seth.

Seema and Kunal curated the topics that would challenge and engage kids. Celebrities helped the team give a fresh and unique touch to the game, adding to the excitement for the finale. Winners got the chance to interact with the Celebrity Quiz Masters. Influencer Shout Outs were also a part of the campaign.


The campaign garnered a Total Reach of 79 Million and Total Engagement of 8.2 Million. The brand was able to gain approximately 1,25,000 followers on social media (Facebook + Instagram). The campaign ran for a duration of 4 months — from May 2 to September 5, 2020.

"We are very pleased with the overall success and mass acceptance of our program. We will continue to keep working harder and come up with more unique learning options in the future," said a brand representative.

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