SAMMIE BSMB 2020: Nominations open now!

SAMMIE BSMB 2020 Nominations open- updated

Social Samosa brings to you the 4th season of BSMB, a platform to commemorate and celebrate the success of Human Brands who have fostered the pivotal growth and maturity of Agencies, Creators, Platforms, and publications in the digital ecosystem.

While social media marketing has been an integral fundamental of the marketing mix, the ongoing pandemic has changed the paradigms making social media a force to reckon with. With the changing dynamics of the A & M industry, BSMB is an ode to brands who are indeed the true evangelists of Social Media.

As the pandemic gripped the world, the brand-consumer relationship became about communication and companionship as opposed to that of a seller and customer. With brands living up to their changing roles during COVID-19, social media marketing emerged as an exclusive medium for quality communication. In the current scenario, SAMMIE is a Tribute to the Custodians, Strategists, Planners, and Creative Minds who sweat and toil to build a successful Brand on Social Media even in the face of such unprecedented times.

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A unified platform to celebrate the success of Brands who changed the axioms of Social Media Marketing, SAMMIE BSMB 2020 is an industry mandate to adjudge a brand’s performance amongst peers on a relative scale. The entries will be screened and evaluated by an esteemed jury panel featuring Industry Stalwarts such as:

The event will comprise 20 Main (Brand) categories, 16 Special (Campaign) Categories, and 6 Individual (Marketing Achievers) Category.

If your Brand leads the pack on Social Media, it’s about time to claim the Best Social Media Brands Throne.

For the nominations process and deadline please reach out to Abhilash Singh on 09999989454 or email him at [email protected]

To nominate in the individual Campaign categories, click here.

To nominate in the Brand categories, click here.

To nominate in Individual categories, click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Nominate now!

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