Snapchat launches Snap Connect for direct response advertising

Snap Connect

Snap Connect is a certification program in specialized topics wherein advertisers can learn about direct-response advertising from Snapchat experts.

Region and industry-tailored video-based modules that provide insights, product solutions, creative best practices, and client success stories through experts, are provided through the Snap Connect certification programs.

Advertisers can obtain the certification by watching the videos, completing the knowledge checks, and passing the exam.

Direct-response advertisers can choose from three certifications according to the company’s core business functions, or they can also take all three. The three specialized certifications are:

Mobile Gaming

Re-engagement campaigns, user acquisition, and more of such strategies can be learned through this program. Advertisers have the option to choose from North America or the international path.

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Tactics to achieve the objective of driving app downloads and growing its userbase with Snapchat with audiences located in North America, Europe, MENA, or APAC can be acquired through this course.


With the steep rise in online shopping, several advertisers intend to redirect users to their apps or website through promotions on platforms, such advertisers can grasp consumers from Snapchat to pursue sales goals, by becoming proficient in this course.

The program is a part of the previously launched learning portal for advertisers called Snap Focus. with resources and courses to attain user insights, build brand strategy, streamline media planning, and get certified.

The portal would be updated with information related to ad products, designs, and feature sets, at uniform intervals as and when they are released.

It was designed to aid advertisers and agencies to stay updated about everything Snapchat advertising has to offer.