Solace Women's Aid plays Christmas jingle on loop to illustrate impact of violence

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Solace Women's Aid Christmas campaign

Created by MSQ's Stack, the Solace Women's Aid Christmas campaign helps viewers visualise the impact of domestic and sexual abuse on women and children.

London-based charity, Solace Women's Aid, has launched a Christmas campaign with a focus on the long-term impact of domestic and sexual abuse on women and children. It details how they keep going back to such moments and playing them on loop in their minds. How they wish to make #MakeItStop but isn't easy for them to do so.

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The video makes use of a Christmas jingle and a dramatic effect of playing a scene on loop till the viewer feels frustrated with the reputation of visuals. The idea is to help them visualise how abusive moments feel like for survivors of such treatment. That they need the proper help to manage their emotions around the said impact.

The spot is a call by the charity to collect funds that could be used to help women and children in getting them the help they need to gain control over their experiences and rebuild their lives. Therapy is an integral part of the process and that's where Solace comes in the picture for they offer the required mental health-related services to survivors of abuse.

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