The Bowl Company combines love for food & cricket with interactive AR Campaign

The Bowl Company campaign

With a sprinkle of spices, dollops of vegetables and fresh cuts of meat, The Bowl Company is helping people put together scrumptious mixes using bowl-sounds in a new cricket-themed AR Filter campaign.

With a staggering number of Instagram users turning to Stories to express themselves, AR Filters have become key to both individual and branded expression on the platform. Be it the ability to express oneself pictorially with a higher engagement quotient or creating an immersive experience, AR has been disrupting social media space and how. Leveraging this trend, The Bowl Company, a contemporary cloud kitchen brand that offers chef-curated, multi-cuisine food in the convenience of a bowl exclusively available on Swiggy, created an interactive Instagram AR filter, engaging their audience through a fun gimmick. 

The AR filter allows users to add flavour to a recognizable theme track, combining unique bowls from the brand’s “Bowl O Cricket” collection with the fun elements of AR. As a part of the #BowlMix campaign, the brand fuses the love for food and cricket into one, giving consumers the opportunity to select from a range of cricket-themed bowls, each based on a different city theme. 

Leveraging UGC, Musically

Under #BowlMix, the campaign focuses on the UGC powers of The Bowl Company patrons, potentially helping the brand reach more consumers via Instagram Stories. It is an attempt by the brand to make their patron’s lives fun and keep the lockdown blues away for a while. In a way, they are trying to bring home an experience that is akin to stadiums. An element of music has been used to make things interesting for creators as well as consumers of the said content.

Once a user opens the filter, they see multiple tiles featuring bowls from The Bowl Company. They are then required to hit the record button and a tune starts playing. Tapping on the various bowls on the screen, a different sound/beat can be heard. These beats are sounds of musical instruments such as a guitar, drums and a trumpet. They add to the tune, helping the user create their own unique version of the cricket-themed anthem, allowing users to get creative and quirky. 

City-centric Cricket Craze

Although The Bowl Company is available only in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, on the menu front, it has launched a few specially curated dishes, under the Bowl O’ Cricket collection, each designed by their best chefs, that can be linked to all the 8 cities being represented in this year’s cricket season. 

The region-specific details of cricket and food are working as fodder for their social media presence this year. The brand is able to leverage these connections in their own unique ways, creative innovative cricket-themed experiences for their patrons, both offline and online. With an apt mix of AR and great flavour, the brand conveys its innovative offerings while banking on the cricket wave.