Twitter tests Audio Spaces in beta

Twitter Spaces

Audio Spaces, chat rooms to have voice-based conversations are being developed by Twitter; the update has been reported by reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong.

Twitter users can create a space, invite users, and manage who can speak. Audio Spaces enable users to have discussions about a topic away from the chatter of users who might divert a conversation or disturb it, because of the public nature of conversations on Twitter.

According to the findings of the reverse-engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is suing Periscope as the backend for Spaces. Twitter had acquired Periscope, a live video streaming app in 2015.

Users can invite others via DM or share the space with a Tweet if they would like to extend the invitation to their followers who might be interested in the topic.

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The creator of the space can also manage who can speak, by changing and saving the setting to ‘Anyone’, ‘People you follow’, or ‘Only people you invite’.

Twitter is encouraging the small group of users who are a part of the test to share feedback on the initial user experience of the feature.

Audio Spaces is seemingly intended to recreate the physical experience of group conversations, an attempt several social media platforms have been making, such as the video-based Messenger Rooms by Facebook.

Spaces can also have a professional utility, as group calls on various platforms have been increasingly supportive of the work from home structure enabling remote collaborations. With the availability of transcriptions, Spaces has additional efficacy to document these conversations that can be referred to while carrying out tasks discussed