Unacademy bridges cricket with learning in a fun campaign

Social Samosa
Nov 10, 2020 11:02 IST
Unacademy campaign

As a part of their IPL marketing strategy, Unacademy’s Cracking the Game campaign is all about making studying as fun as cricket. 

Remember the days when your parents would reprimand you for watching cricket instead of studying? Biting your nails as you keep one eye on the television set and one eye on your book while you root for the team. But, Unacademy in their IPL campaign, synonymyses cricket with studying, changing the game - quite literally. 


With their campaign, Cracking the Game, Unacademy, an official partner of IPL 2020 has seamlessly associated cricket with studying in a rather entertaining manner. Set in the backdrop of a foot-tapping song, the video features various moments from IPl 2020 — comparing each with a different study lesson. From Pi to the Pythagorean Theorem to Anatomy - all subjects make an appearance in the video and are taught by none other than the players like Virat Kohli, Nicholas Pooran, MS Dhoni, Ishan Kishan, Chris Gayle, Rahul Tewatia, and Ravindra Jadeja.

The video campaign as of now has garnered over 6.35 million views across social media & digital platforms. Further, over 4.6 million views of the video have come on Twitter alone.

As a part of their ongoing association with IPL 2020, the brand has been leveraging the opportunity to connect with their consumers through digital activations such as ‘Unacademy Ask the Expert’, ‘Unacademy Learn from the Best’, ‘Unacademy Fan of the Match’, and ‘Unacademy Cracking Sixes’. 

These tactics have helped the brand bank on the IPL theme to create meaningful engagement with the relevant audience. With Cracking the Game, the brand manages to creak the clutter of IPL campaigns through a strategic push and an innovative narrative. 

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