YouTube Updates: Private Video Sharing among other features

Paawan Sunam
New Update
YouTube updates

The new updates introduced for YouTube Creators includes new features for the studio interface to streamline saving and publishing videos.

The updates have been shared by Connor from the YouTube Creator technical team, through the channel Creator Insider.

Private Video Sharing

The deep link to classic studio private video sharing with a native studio link. The option is available in the 'Visibility' tab while going through the checkpoints to save or publish a video.

Creators can share their video privately with specific email addresses, there's no functionality added so creators wouldn't be redirected to the classic studio interface.

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Edit Title & Description

In an attempt to make the new studio interface more intuitive, the platform has transferred the option to edit the title &v description language into the upload flow within the studio. The option to change the language is available in the 'Original video language details' part of the 'More Options' tab.

Updated Memberships Tab

The tab has been redesigned for existing members of a channel to streamline their experience of engaging with members-only posts, videos, and live-streams, and improve the visibility of updates from those channels.

The updated Memberships Tab would be rolled out steadily and has not been launched on the full-scale to all members of a channel. This update wouldn't affect settings, availability, accessibility of public videos.