Zirca Digital Solutions restructures, redefines products & goals

Zirca Digital Solutions

The new knowledge-based structure at Zirca Digital Solutions will be based on four pillars: Product, Purpose, Place, and People.

Zirca Digital Solutions understands the need for innovation and deeper knowledge in this rapidly changing digital marketing industry. The new structure will elevate the company’s positioning to be ahead of the curve by delivering smarter solutions for the new era of digital advertising. The organisation restructuring has been announced to realign the agency’s business goals.

The purpose of the structure is to shift to knowledge teams rather than hierarchical teams enabling each function and role to contribute to the growth of the organization. It will revolve around Product, Purpose, Place and People.

To enable deeper connections and engagement with the brand’s audiences, the company aims to customise conversations based on mindsets through its proprietary tools – ConsumeriQ, CreativeiQ, and ContentiQ – to facilitate meaningful conversations and create conversations where none exist.

Under the new structure, a leaner organisation will be implemented and each team will focus on the knowledge set rather than a hierarchy with a mission to achieve greater return on investment. As per the knowledge-based structure, the executive management is now divided under knowledge verticals and their heads, and the key drivers are:

  • Hemali Dave will be managing a broader role as the Director of Revenue 
  • Vamsi Sanskarayogi will lead the Technology and Solutions division at Zirca
  • Rupin Nanani will lead as the Head of ConsumeriQ, Research and Analytics
  • Prateek Sinha will lead as Head of Finance
  • Indrajeit Borkakoty will lead the HR function and drive strategic people initiatives as a consultant to succeed as a knowledge-based organisation
  • Anuj Katiyar, in an advisory role, will look after Marketing as a Consultant

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Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director, Zirca Digital Solutions, said, “In a digital marketing landscape that is ever-evolving, we at Zirca have always thrived to provide the best digital solutions to our brands. We have been steadfast in our purpose to facilitate meaningful conversations and to enable that, we are constantly innovating to drive value for our brand and agency partners. Our new organisational structure has been designed in a manner so as to provide knowledge-based expertise to our clients and partners and deliver faster, efficacious and impactful solutions and services. The structure allows a sharper focus on result-oriented endeavours”  

“Our growth approach from day one has been to stay ahead of the curve rather than adapt to times. And this post COVID era is set to throw new challenges at us. We believe we are agile and while this restructuring is a huge step, it will only renew our focus on growth,” added Karan Gupta, Managing Director, Zirca.