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How do we define PitchWorx?

Founded in 2012, PitchWorx is a graphic design agency that creates visually compelling stories for brands. We started with designing presentations but as we progressed the business ventured into other services — animated videos, brand communications, and website design & development to help pitch the companies in both offline and online environment.

Having worked for start-ups, SME’s, large corporates, and government organizations, we unfold creatives that deliver your brand’s story. As we progressed, we continued to acquire new clients both India and overseas. Since our inception, we have grown from 1-person team to 40 people team and have grown multifold since then. As a result of which, we have been profitable YoY.   

What’s in the name?

We believe that everything is a pitch and when a pitch is strong it will help you win. Be it a start-up investor pitch, a corporate presentation, an animated explainer video, a website, social media graphics, or a simple brand communication collateral, it has to say a story. And that is where we add value. We create designs that deliver value in a persuasive manner so that your pitch gets the attention it needs. 

What we do

PitchWorx is a graphic design agency that helps brands with persuasive designs. Whether you are pitching to investors, vying for clients or promoting your brand; we ensure to deliver a strong audience-oriented messaging through compelling designs. Be it presentation design, an animated video, a live video shoot, a refreshed company website, or marketing collateral, we help brands design it all.

Why we do it?

Dharmendra Ahuja founded PitchWorx after quitting his paying job to follow his passion – “Design”. Thriving on creativity, collaborative, and design thinking approach, PitchWorx team is driven by skill and passion. The team understands the client needs and create designs that deliver value in a persuasive manner. 

How we evolved?

PitchWorx was bootstrapped and founded in 2012. We were the pioneers in India and amongst the first few presentation design agencies. As we progressed, we ventured into other services — Animated explainer videos, brand communications, and website design & development to help companies in both offline and online environment. With this, we continued to acquire new clients both India and overseas. And that is how we evolved and are in sync with industry trends.

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We learned the hard way

Design is collaborative, iterative, and subjective in nature. We collaborate with clients to understand their needs. As per their brief, we iterate designs and produce them subjectively. The client is apprised of these factors for better communication so that their expectations are well met.

They work with us

We have worked with over 500 clients including start-ups, SME’s, large corporate, government organizations across various verticals. Some of our prominent clients include L&T Infotech, Times OOH, Pernod Ricard, Wipro, Amway, AVON, Aviva, Neo@Ogilvy, Doordarshan and ZS Associates.

The industry as we foresee

Today, the design has become the foundation of almost every business. From just a pencil and paper to designing with creative thinking, it has come a long way. The future of design includes tools and methodologies coming from strategic foresight and future thinking which improves user experience. Also, merging AI with the design will enable designers to quickly and easily create millions of variations of designs which will increase productivity. With the available technology, expansion of the design industry is happening but it is important for the designers to adapt to the changing process and experiment on each project. Being in the design industry we need to push the limits of design by keeping a constant focus on design innovation to take us to that future of ours. 

Are you hiring?

With exponential growth in demand for digital content, we are hiring people who are creative and can help us thrive. Interested candidates can mail us at

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