Brands mull over the cost of new Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods brand creatives

With kidney-themed jokes, cost comparisons and use of apples as a key element, brand creatives add to the conversations around the new Apple AirPods.

Apple is no stranger to its the prices of its products being dissected among netizens, especially in the Indian market. Jokes about how one would have to sell the kidneys to be able to afford these products are common and so are content pieces around the number of things and experiences one can buy instead, and still save money. This time too, as the new Apple AirPods were launched, brand creatives joined the flurry of conversations along similar lines.

With their price range touching INR 60,000, the AirPods Max are indeed a big investment. In sync with comedy’s rule of Punching Up, they made for the perfect inspiration for brands to indulge in meme marketing.

Nature’s Basket

MTV Beats


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