#WhopperAndFriends: Burger King UK to amplify local eateries on Instagram

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Burger King UK

In an effort to help independent restaurants grow their business, Burger King UK is offering them free advertising on their Instagram page.

Burger King UK has put out a tweet saying: "There's more to life than the Whopper." For the unacquainted, The Whopper is the fast-food restaurant chain's signature burger. Under #WhopperAndFriends, Burger King is offering to help restaurants achieve popularity for their signature dish, at par with that of The Whopper.

In the ad, the UK arm of Burger King further states, "As we head into tier three across more parts of the country, it's clear independent restaurants need all our support."

To offer support, the fast-food chain has decided to give its customers a break from all the burger pictures and make their Instagram page available to all the restaurants who require this support. "Until they can reopen, they can advertise on our Instagram for free," read the tweet.

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Burger King urged its friends from the hospitality industry to use the hashtag, #WhopperAndFriends if they want to share promote their signature dish via Burger King's Instagram handle.

The tweet received a positive reaction from Twitter users with some praising Burger King's sense of solidarity and empathy for other independent restaurants in the food industry.

Burger King has managed to hit the bull's eye and receive applause for their campaigns before as well.

Earlier this year, Burger King UK had urged its consumers to order from McDonald's, Pizza Hut and other rival restaurants to help and support them in times of need. This move was well appreciated from people across the globe, praising the brand for its unconventional yet creative marketing strategy.

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