Case Study: HOW HRX leveraged its digital community ahead of Flipkart’s sale to create leads


With the insight that communities are the new brand ambassadors, HRX created a UGC campaign, urging brand loyalists to contribute to creating their new campaign.

Brand: HRX

Agency: HOWL Digital

Category Introduction

Created to inspire and guide billions of people, HRX aims to help people achieve their fitness goals along with contributors who have made the fitness movement possible through their associations.

Brand Introduction

HRX is built by Hrithik Roshan with inspiration from his life that taught him ‘no matter how big an adversity, it can be overcome with perseverance’. India’s first homegrown fitness brand founded in 2013, with a belief that each and every person has a winner inside of them, all they need to do is channelize their inner superhero. Not just a brand, HRX is a mission that enables and supports people to be the fittest, happiest, and most confident version of themselves.


HRX set out to build a unique conversation when it came to India’s increased appetite for a better lifestyle. The brand has worked tirelessly since 2018 to utilize its platforms with a single-minded focus: identifying and building an authentic, cross-cultural fitness community that works together to realize the brand’s core purpose – ‘inspire a billion people to be the best version of themselves.’


The brand took a conscious step at the onset of the lockdown to create an opportunity to move beyond ‘just a fitness apparel brand’ to build ‘a motivational brand’ that echoed India’s resilience during COVID. They did so by creating a digital fitness community that became a bible for fitness enthusiasts to learn tricks and regimens that were quick and easy to do at home or within their available vicinity in the lockdown. 

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Ahead of launching a new range of HRX audio products, the brand created campaign, utilizing their digital community. This was to further validate HRX’s mission to #KeepGoing and unite a community virtually to drive the dream of a fitter India.

Creative Idea

In tune with the brand tag, right from the get-go, the brand urged the viewers to #KeepGoing.

The insight for the campaign was – the assumption was that lockdown crippled a large population from actually pursuing the idea of fitness but they knew that nothing would stop fitness enthusiasts on their journey.


They actively hosted running sessions in two cities with the now ever-growing online community. HRX was a day away from organizing another community-run in the latter half of March 2020 with the #HRXRunningSquad, a group of elite marathoners and HRX users who registered online through social media and their website. COVID-19 brought the scheduled run and future runs to a grinding halt. The future to build the squad into the largest Home Grown Running Community suddenly seemed delayed.


Quick to act, the HRX marketing team reached out to loyalists via social media and stitched together their latest brand film. One that demanded no production or costs, just pure passion. Brought alive by none other than Hrithik’s voice, the brand created community-sourced fitness-oriented UGC film. 

The Biggest Virtual Workout was conducted by Rishabh Telang who demonstrated a routine from the HRX Workout. The Instagram live culminated with viewership peaking at 21,100 viewers live at the same time and featured a guest appearance from Hrithik Roshan himself.

In tune with the campaign, HRX took their next big step and was ready to Turn It Up as they announced ‘The Biggest Virtual Workout’ with Myntra and cure. fit. Backed by, not only a strong virtual community they had built during the lockdown but the convergence of 2 larger communities built by Myntra and

Results (Quantitative + Qualitative)

The brand was able to run a campaign just before Flipkart’s Big Billion Days offer period, to promote the latest HRX audio range (A new category + the first set of products launched on Flipkart).

By leveraging HRX’s community to create a REEL challenge that organically received 6 lakh+ views from 5 videos created in-house and received 316 entries from the brand community that went on to generate sales of over 3,000 audio products.

316 Number Of Participants and 1,14,707% Spike In Content Interactions + 336.8% Spike In Accounts Reached, A reach of 18 lakh+ on Instagram and over 4 lakh views on Instagram are but a few numbers proudly achieved.

As part of the United in Sport campaign that was proudly partnered with the Fit India Movement, HRX collected over 8,000 registrations on their website.


Ajay Singh, Senior Marketing Manager, HRX by Hrithik Roshan said, “As a brand, we wanted to give them a platform and bring their stories to life. This worked wonderfully with our approach to take user-generated content to a whole new level. What makes this initiative particularly successful is the efficiency with which we portrayed the brand message: #KeepGoing, to organically drive over 6 Million+ organic views at almost no production costs”.

“Social media and virtual communities are adding a new dimension to fitness in India and we are honored to be at the helm of it. This is only the beginning. We still have a long way to go and we couldn’t be more excited”, added Aadil Poonawala, Lead – Content Strategy, HOWL Digital.