Chupa Chups launches ‘Fun Ka Booster’ campaign focused on adulting

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups aims to liberate the ‘inner kid’ in teens as they go through the stress of ‘adulting’ in their daily lives through the campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy.

Christmas & New Year are about to get more fun as Chupa Chups rolls out its new digital campaign #FunKaBooster which is rooted in its philosophy of  Fun is for life, and not just for kids’. 

Teens live in a pressure cooker world of academic and social expectations. Added to this is the desire to fit in & be liked by others, online and offline. Chupa Chups believes that we can all do with a little spontaneous childlike fun in the midst of all this adulting.

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The campaign #FunKaBooster launched 2 digital films only that highlight fun & spontaneity but in the most un-boring fashion! The films are based on little stress points that the protagonists face in everyday life but are able to handle with cool composure inspired by Chupa Chups.  

Highlighting the thought behind the campaign,  Rohit Kapoor – Director Marketing – Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI) said, “Chupa Chups has always stood for keeping the inner kid and childlike fun alive in our protagonists. Tapping into insights relevant to today’s teens, Chupa Chups #FunKaBooster campaign urges teens to let-go of the pressure of adulting by instilling some irreverent fun into their lives.  We believe that this campaign will increase the brand relevance of Chupa Chups and help take the brand to greater heights.” 

Commenting on the campaign, Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy- North, said “The age of social media has put pressure on teens today. On top of their grades, extracurriculars, schoolwork… they also have to think about how popular they are, how many followers they have, how many stories they’re putting on their channels. Here is where we found space as a brand to tell these teens to just have fun and take the load off. The brand of fun we endorse is irreverent – not taking away from the great impact that teens today will have on the world of tomorrow, but asking them to fully enjoy whatever they are doing with a “Chupa Chups” twist.”