The Doc Morris Holiday Campaign leaves viewers in bursts of tears

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Take Care Of Yourself, a holiday spot by Doc Morris depicting an aging protagonist's prep for the holiday season is leaving viewers in a sense of awe and heavy with endearing emotions.

The campaign by the Dutch pharmaceutical company is being widely shared and viewed globally, with several touting Doc Morris to have won the year, with the "best" campaign of the holiday season in 2020. Many are also drawing comparisons with John Lewis, who arguably wins the holiday season each year.

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The advert has been viewed over fifteen million times (to date) through the official channel on YouTube, and videos uploaded through other channels on various platforms have had hundreds of thousands of views.

Created by the agency Jung von Matt/SAGA, and directed by Sune Sorensen, the campaign highlights the fitness regime taken up by the elderly protagonist, who is prepping up for the holiday season by doing one exercise with complete dedication.

Building further curiosity for the man's neighbors and the viewer. The tension is then broken with a heartwarming suspense.

Speaking about the film, Sorensen said, “I was immediately attracted to the lone portrayal of the protagonist as well as the dynamics of viewing him from both inside-out and outside-in. Delving into his development and motivations, the stages of conviction, failure, disbelief, comic relief, recovery, and so on lends itself with quite a few rewards.”

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