Facebook expands Brand Collabs Manager to Public Groups

Facebook Brand Collabs

Facebook Groups can now monetize their communities with paid partnerships, promotional posts, and branded content, as the Brand Collabs Manager is now available to eligible Group Admins.

Brands can collaborate with Public Group Admins to include Facebook Groups in their content distribution strategy, and associate with them to create branded content, with the tool – Brand Collabs Manager.

With the update, brands would be able to interact with an engaged community, and admins will have an opportunity to earn for their efforts to manage a Group and the content surfaced. Admins can check their eligiility and apply for access.

For the unacquainted, Brand Collabs Manager is a marketplace that enables brands looking to promote their products and services to find and connect with creators via Pages, and now with Facebook Groups and their admins.

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The functionality is only available to Public Groups now, and Facebook mentions that they’re looking for ways to enable it for Private Groups too.

Group Admins would have access a set of tools that would aid them in managing and executing branded content, that is in compilance with the Branded Content Policies.

While several brands have already been harnessing Facebook Groups, the communities are often an integral part of the media mix of various campaigns, the space largely remains unorganized, and the posts are often undeclared promotions.

If Brand Collabs Manager is used by advertisers and admins effectively it would also provide more transparency to the users seeing a paid post.