Facebook launches experimental app named Collab on iOS


Collab enables users to create, watch, mix and match original videos, starting with music, giving musicians and artists a way to pull off remote collaborations.

Collab was first launched back in May as an invite-only beta by the Facebook NPE (New Product Experimentation) team, but is now available on iOS App Store, starting with US.

Users who want to collaborate with others for original music can browse through the feed of collabs, each collab features three 15-second independent videos playing in sync. Users can choose one by swiping on any row to bring in a new video clip that goes with their composition. They can also create their own arrangement by adding in one’s recording.

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Three videos stacked on top of one another play in unison in a feed. Each collab is a maximum of 15 seconds and plays on a loop.

Users can swipe on each row of a collab to swap in a new video when swiped the row starts playing in sync. An artist can also contribute their own recordings to any collab.

The complexity of audio and video syncing is automated, so one can produce a composition easily. Apart from artists adding their own composition, users with no musical experience can also create a collab just by putting together a piece by swiping.

The app has also gone through a few changes and updates since it was released in the beta phase. Creation, sharing, and discovery of new collabs has been updated, audio-syncing has been improved, and the sound experience has been optimized for various setups and configurations, including external audio interfaces.