#ThankYouRetailWarriors: Godrej Appliances urges customers to appreciate retail employees

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Dec 14, 2020 04:30 IST
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Godrej Appliances #ThankYouRetailWarriors

The new campaign by Godrej Appliances thanks the frontline retail employees calling them the unsung heroes of this pandemic, this Retail Employees’ day.

As the 12th of December is celebrated as World Retail Employees’ Day, Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej group announced that its business Godrej Appliances has taken this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of all members who work in retail operations and appreciate their contribution to the sector and the economy in these tough times. To thank the retail employees for their commitment and also encourage customers to do so, the brand has launched #ThankYouRetailWarrior initiative.

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Through the initiative, the brand urges all its customers buying over the pandemic period to thank the customer advisor who helped them with their appliance purchase on social media or via a joint selfie with the retail employee on the shop floor. This is a week-long initiative being held at appliance stores across the country starting from 7th December 2020. The brand aims to reach at least 4L customers over the week digitally or on the shop floor since the category has also seen an uptake in demand as the lockdown was lifted gradually.

Speaking on this occasion, Kamal Nandi, Business Head and Executive Vice President – Godrej Appliances, expressed, "Our retail employees are the backbone of our industry. They are essentially the ‘face’ of the business to the end consumer and ensures that the customers find what they are looking for. Every year, we celebrate this spirit with the Retail Employees’ Day at Godrej, but this pandemic year, it takes on a special significance. These brave retail employees were amongst the first ones to come out of their homes during the tough times, when most of our country was cooped up at home, helping revive the Appliances sector back to normal."

"Godrej would therefore like to take this day to extend our heartfelt appreciation to retail warriors – not just from Godrej but across brands and going beyond, to all sectors really, for helping our economy emerge stronger out this pandemic. We urge Godrej customers to also take out the time to appreciate the efforts of retail front employees they interacted with as it would go a long way in motivating these unsung heroes of our economy", he added.

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