With #BolneSeSabHoga, Google encourages Indians to ask them anything

Google India campaign

New Google India campaign highlights the functionality of the Mic button and the ‘Okay Google’ command for users to tap into voice search features.

Google India has launched its new video campaign #BolneSeSabHoga, where it is inviting people to ask questions to its voice search to make their life easier. Google has recognised a relevant Indian behaviour of asking for help and built its campaign around it. The ad features Gajraj Rao, a known face to the Indian audience, one of his recent works being Badhaai Ho.

The ad emphasises on the simplified functionality of the app. Users can simply say “Ok Google” or press the Mic button to get any question answered with ease. With Rao at the centre of the campaign, the brand has been able to put across the element of surprise and awe that can be associated with a man in his 40s as he navigates the world of unfamiliar technology — with ease.

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The narrative shows Rao in different situations, where he makes people ask a question to google as he is fascinated by the voice search feature. The campaign demonstrates how one can easily communicate with voice search in Hindi, a commonly spoken language in parts of India, making it user-friendly for people here. The brand is trying to break away from the idea that people can only make the most of the feature in English.

Google India’s #BolneSeSabHoga campaign promotes an ideology of getting all your questions answered by asking the right person.