Penguin launches charity Christmas campaign, “It Begins with a Book”

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Penguin UK Christmas Campaign

Penguin UK has launched a Christmas campaign to support independent bookshops and facilitate book donation this festive season.

Penguin UK has launched a Christmas campaign where readers will be able to donate books to those in need and also support independent bookshops which were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To promote the initiative, they have released a Christmas ad that shows a community city member, Sandra, who talks about how books have increased her confidence and impacted her life. Similarly, through this initiative, she wants to do the same for her son and others in need.

The charity campaign, “It Begins with a Book” was introduced by collaborating with, a bookselling platform and Neighbourly, a network that aims to donate to homeless shelters, food banks, community centres and other such charities. 


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Through this initiative, readers will be given a chance to purchase a book from a list of best-sellers at Penguin’s shopfront and at the same time, a book will be donated to where it is needed the most.

Talking about the campaign, PRH UK Communications & Brand Director, Becca Sinclair said, “Many of us have been turning to books through the pandemic, be it for information, entertainment or escapism. We want to share the power of reading and get our books into the hands of those who need them most while continuing to honour our commitment to support independent bookshops through this challenging time."

Stacey Cullen, Director of Operations of the food rescue charity, UK Harvest, added, "To be able to give the children a present, especially a book they can escape into, is a fabulous thing." They are one of the charities that would receive the books collected with this initiative.

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