LinkedIn launches Read Me, a series of guides with platform insights

LinkedIn guides

‘Read Me’, is intended to enable marketers to effectively achieve their objectives on LinkedIn, through the trio of essential guides.

The series of guides delve into comprehensions of the various facets of the LinkedIn platform and how marketers can use it to the maximum advantage. The guides are available free of cost.

Here is the breakdown of objectives one may pursue with the help of each guide:

Read Me If You Want to Build Your Brand on LinkedIn

  • Long-term business growth
  • Building a strong business case for branding
  • Using mainly organic content

Read Me If You Want to Drive More Leads on LinkedIn

  • Short-term sales and marketing results
  • Improving lead quality and quantity
  • Using mainly paid advertising

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Read Me If You Want to Advertise Better On LinkedIn

  • A balance of long- and short-term results
  • Maximizing campaign effectiveness
  • Using an integrated organic + paid strategy on LinkedIn

Each guide would explain how one gradually progresses towards an objective. For instance, defining objectives, precise targeting, choosing the right format mix, and monitoring the right metrics.

The guides are packed with statistics and data to spell out the significance of a tactic. Analysis of campaigns that have worked in the past, similar to the case study format, that dissect the challenges, solutions, and results, are also an integral part of the guide.

Marketers can also get a gist of optimized use of LinkedIn features, and use case scenarios to pursue the desired objectives such as establishing an organic presence, garnering higher engagement, and more.