Farewell MDH Daddu, thank you for your legacy

MDH tribute brand creatives

As the nation mourns the loss of an icon, brand creatives chip in to pay tribute to the legacy of Mahashay Dharampal Gulati and the empire he built with MDH Masala.

In kitchens across the country, Mahashay Dharampal Gulati has been warmly smiling over home cooks for the last several decades. Even though the 97-year-old icon behind MDH is no longer among us, he will continue to be part of the culinary world for decades to come. Today as the nation woke up to the news of his demise, several brand creatives cropped on social media to pay tribute to the man behind MDH Masala.

Most of the brand creatives feature his face and/or the turban he is always seen wearing in photos and advertisements. These creatives pay tribute to his contribution and legacy not just in the world of spices but branding and advertising as well.

MDH Spices



Badshah Masala


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Pepsi India

Colors Cineplex


Rest in peace, sir. Your legacy will live on in not just the world of spices and kitchens but also branding and advertising. Thank you for the lessons!