Twitter to shut Periscope app by March 2021

Social Samosa
Dec 16, 2020 06:17 IST
Periscope shut

Confirming the decision to shut Periscope, Twitter reasons that the app's usage had declined over the last couple of years with costs to support operations only going up.

Periscope will cease to exist as a separate mobile app by March 2021. The core capabilities of the platform are being incorporated into Twitter as the company is positive about the power of live videos in solving impactful problems. Among the reasons behind the decision to shut the platform, as shared by Periscope in a blog post, the app has been an unsustainable maintenance-mode state for a while now.

The usage of Periscope had declined in the last couple of years with cost to support the app going up and expected to continue going up over time. It was thus felt that the current state of the app wasn't going to be fair for the current and former Periscope community or Twitter.

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"We probably would have made this decision sooner if it weren’t for all of the projects we reprioritized due to the events of 2020," the company states. The app will be removed from app stores by March 2021, with the creation of new accounts being discontinued with the new release.

Broadcasts that were shared on Twitter earlier will live on as replays, and broadcasters will be able to download an archive of their Periscope broadcasts and data before the app is removed in March 2021.

"Although it’s time to say goodbye, the legacy of Periscope will live on far beyond the boundaries of the app itself. The capabilities and ethos of the Periscope team and infrastructure already permeate Twitter, and we’re confident that live video still has the potential of seeing an even wider audience within the Twitter product," the company says bidding adieu.

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