PGIM India Mutual Fund creates a video-oriented campaign to promote financial preparedness

Conceptualized by Rediffusion Brand Solutions, the latest campaign by PGIM India Mutual Fund showcases a series of films to drive attention towards achieving financial freedom and plan for the future.

PGIM India Mutual Fund has launched a set of six animation films and a 2-minute stand-up satire film to encourage people to start planning and saving for their retirement, a need that has been felt even more strongly due to the uncertainties brought in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The films, focused on India’s youth, aims to instill an appreciation among them towards the need to save and plan for their future, an act which will not only ensure financial freedom but also mitigate the high amount of concern and anxiety that they carry because of their inability to plan for retirement.

A revealing statistic from the research showed a very large number of Indians start planning for retirement only at an average age of 51, which experts opine is too late to build a comfortable corpus for a comfortable quality of life post-retirement.

Sakshi Dalela, Head – Marketing and Communications, PGIM India Mutual Fund drives home the point further, by saying, “We observed that among youth, retirement often feels so distant and old world that they don’t plan for it at all. Today’s lifestyle, where the celebration of the individual is a powerful narrative – to live carefree, to enjoy the one life we have, to live like there is no tomorrow – could lead to trouble later because there is a tomorrow. The film tackles this dilemma head-on through the story of a character who is cheered for living worry-free, until we see the pitfalls that await the character. The earlier one starts planning for retirement, the better. Which is why, this film is deliberately designed to appeal to – and awaken, in a sense – the young.”

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“As global financial advisors, we realized that retirement as space has not been given due importance in India. People are cognizant of the need for a retirement corpus, but don’t seem to take the necessary steps to transition to retirement. We felt it’s necessary to make people aware of this discrepancy with clear, insight-based, and research-backed facts told well. We hope our films will help in putting retirement planning and achieving financial freedom on everyone’s radar”, she adds.

PGIM India Mutual Fund through this campaign believes that investors should think about retirement as a goal separately and suggests PGIM India Age Linked Asset Allocation Facility as an option to build a customized path to retirement.