Pinterest launches new board features to facilitate quarantine-driven projects

Pinterest new board features

The new features launched by Pinterest include Notes To Self and a New Board Toolbar while Board Favourites are currently being tested.

While life in quarantine has been unexpected, it hasn’t stopped people from planning and looking ahead to the future. Driven by quarantine-related project inspiration and planning, a surge in searches, saves and new boards for topics like home improvement, at-home workouts, and shopping for baby products, essential goods, and gifts have been recorded by Pinterest. This has led Pinterest to introduce new features for boards to make it easier for users to plan: New notes to self directly on Pins, a board toolbar and board favourites.

Notes To Self

Notes to self is a new section on saved Pins to add private notes to make it easy to come back to and take action, like “try this for brunch” or “this will go well with the living room rug”.  

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New Board Toolbar

With active boards containing on average more than 150 Pins, the new board toolbar makes it easier to sort through Pins with an easy-to-navigate section at the top of the screen showing all of the actions that can be taken on a board — from exploring more ideas related to Pins to organizing, accessing notes, and even to-do lists. 

Board Favourites

Pinterest is testing a feature that will enable Pinterest users to mark top Pins as a favourite by tapping the star icon on the Pins in their boards. they will also be able to sort boards by favourite Pins, making it easier to find top ideas and take action.

According to Pinterest, there’s been a 35% year-over-year increase in the number of monthly boards created. Additionally, there’s been significant growth in boards created in top Pinterest categories, including a 44% increase in beauty, a 95% increase in women’s fashion and a 36% increase in home decor. Going by these trends, it is likely that Pinterest will continue upgrading experiences on the platform, in sync with consumer demand.