Pinterest Predicts: Consumer behavior trends to dominate in 2021

Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest Predicts is an anticipatory report that forecasts trends for the coming year in accordance with user behavior on the platform.

Pinterest predicts future trends by highlighting user behavior and the topics they engage with, and the disruptive changes that isolation during the pandemic and the COVID-19 impact caused.


Getaway Car

Parking space is the new personal space

In 2021, cars will become the new “third space” for everything from date
nights to man caves. Bonus: most come with boomin’ speakers, and you’re picking the tunes. Buckle up for a new kind of auto-renewal.

  • Car date night +2x
  • Car man cave +115%
  • Drive-in cinema +190%
  • Dog car seats +100%
  • Car survival kits +60%
Nomad Normal

Nomadding is the new jetsetting

The outback is in. Whether you’re seeking a sky full of stars or a field full
of flowers, turns out nature really is healing. In 2021, people will plan national park road trips, trade city life for a rental cabin in the woods, and use remote work as an excuse to explore the great outdoors.

  • Wild flower field +165%
  • RV accessories +40%
  • Motorcycle tent +100%
  • Couple stargazing +165%
  • Nomad aesthetic +80%
Hypothetical Sabbatical

Away dreams are the new daydreams

Why go down a rabbit hole when you could head for a resort? People will keep escaping to that hypothetical vacation—even if they can’t travel anytime soon. In 2021, Pinners will use Pinterest to immerse themselves in dream getaways while saving up for a big-ticket trip.

  • Luxury vacation +50%
  • Dream vacations +7x
  • Honeymoon pictures romantic +55%
  • Mountain travel +35%
  • Forest resort +100%


Modern Mystic

Manifesting is the new nesting

Get your manifestation journals ready. As Pinners get in touch with their
magical side, alternative spiritual methods will enter the mainstream. Grab a protection crystal, check your horoscope and build a fantasy map for
2021—the modern mystics have arrived.

  • Protection crystals +100%
  • Manifestation techniques +105%
  • Fantasy map making +3x
  • Visualize your highest self +55%
  • Zodiac sign facts +6x
Ritual Baths

Bathing rituals are the new spa days

This isn’t your typical tub. Bath time will get an upgrade with influences from ancient rituals. This year, you’ll see people carving out time for an extra special soaking experience.

  • Spiritual cleansing bath +180%
  • Full moon bath ritual +90%
  • Bath tea recipe +60%
  • Bath in bedroom free standing +50%
  • Deep soaking tub +145%
Invest In Rest

Zzz time is the new me-time

Sleep care is the new self-care. Bedtime routines will be more luxurious
than ever. From home goods just for sleep (diffuser blends) to bedtime
exercise routines (sleep yoga), people will bring intention to more restful

  • Night affirmations sleep +100%
  • Sleep blends for diffuser +80%
  • Before sleep workout +3x
  • Silk sleepwear +60%
  • Sleep yoga +90%

Food & Beverage

Bland is banned

Snappy-spicy is the new umami

Things will get hot in 2021. Like, tongue-numbingly hot. Pinners will bring the heat in the kitchen with spiced-up recipes and zesty creations. Because salt and pepper just don’t cut it anymore.

  • Tomatillo enchilada sauce +75%
  • Cajun chicken pasta recipes +55%
  • Jalapeño pepper jelly recipe +2x
  • Hot honey recipe +155%
  • Poke bowl sauce +70%
Epic Charcuterie

Fancy boards are the new avo toast

You haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to charcuterie creativity.
Millennials and Gen Z will think bigger than salami and crackers as the new
snack to share. Charcuterie with candy, breakfast spreads, and taco boards will trend big this year.

  • Breakfast charcuterie boards +5x
  • Candy charcuterie boards +2x
  • Dessert charcuterie boards +3x
  • Fruit charcuterie board +2x
  • Mexican charcuterie board +155%
You’re The Top Chef

Kitchen is the new Michelin

Get your most-trusted paring knife out. Pinners will get fancy in the kitchen and recreate restaurant experiences at home. Chef-inspired meals, food
plating techniques and garnishes are all trending up.

  • Food garnishes +55%
  • Gourmet food plating +105%
  • Basque burnt cheesecake +10x
  • Tea recipes homemade +60%
  • Bread art +130%


Vibey Lights

Neon hue is the new you

Neon rooms will get the spotlight treatment—especially from Gen Z. Pinners will reinvent their bedrooms with bright, color-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks. LED lighting is a 2021 vibe.

  • Neon room +8x
  • Mirror with LED lights +2x
  • Blue LED lights bedroom +155%
  • LED lightroom +3x
  • LED light signs +3x
Japandi Aesthetic

Japandi is the new modern

Every decor lover just swooned. Japanese design meets Scandinavian
minimalism in this rising home decor trend. Sleek lines, neutral color schemes, and calming setups will be on the radars of Pinners everywhere.

  • Wooden bed design modern +5x
  • Neutral color palette earth tones +3x
  • Minimalist bathroom design +4x
  • Japandi +100%
  • Modern minimalist kitchen +115%
Dish It Out

Shelfies are the new gallery walls

Calling it now: kitchen shelves will be the new favorite corner of the house in 2021. People will collect and invest in eye-catching dinnerware, from colored glassware to handmade clay plates.

  • Copper cookware +35%
  • Colored glassware +135%
  • Kitchen floating shelves decor +130%
  • Plate racks in kitchen +2x
  • Clay plates +105%
More Door

Cloffice is the new home office

Say goodbye to open floor plans. Pinners are getting creative with closed
doors. In 2021 we’ll all learn what a “cloffice” is. Even when doors aren’t
available, people will find new ways to create some personal space.
Cloffice ideas +2x

  • Cloffice ideas +2x
  • Home library design +7x
  • Bookshelf room divider +150%
  • Modern mud room +2x
  • Computer gaming room +6x



Athflow is the new athleisure

When athleisure meets elegance—that’s athflow. Flowy pants, casual jumpsuits, and oversized outfits will replace athletic clothes as the new go-to loungewear. Athflow is professional enough for the “office,” stretchy enough for the yoga mat, and comfy enough for the couch.

  • Home dress women +2x
  • Oversized outfit +3x
  • Soft outfits +185%
  • Cotton jumpsuits for women +160%
  • Co-ord outfits two pieces +30%
Cocoon Swoon

Cocooning is the new layering

Blankets as a fashion statement? Oh yes. Pinners will turn to shawls, puffers, and slouchy socks in 2021—no matter the weather. Let’s make cozy comfort part of every season.

  • Quilted clothes +4x
  • Cozy aesthetic outfits +2x
  • Cocoon sweater +155%
  • Fluffy slippers +90%
  • Slouch socks +55%
Up Clothes And Personal

Make it is the new work it

Make it your own. Gen Z will take personalization to the next level with
DIY everything, from painted-on denim to custom crewneck sweatshirts.

  • Jean painting ideas +3x
  • Reworked clothes +6x
  • Sweatshirt embroidery +7x
  • Custom hoodies +130%
  • Tote bag design DIY +115%

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Skinimalism is the new glow up

It’s the end of the caked-on makeup look. Pinners will embrace slow beauty
and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new “effortlessly chic” routine is simple and sustainable.

  • Glowing skin how to get naturally +4x
  • Face yoga exercises +4x
  • Homemade skin care +110%
  • Aloe vera face mask +115%
  • Natural everyday makeup +180%
Indie Beauty

Cheeky is the new chic

Take it from Gen Z: indie isn’t what it used to be. Their version is defined by
bold-colored crop tops, baggy jeans, and emoji-inspired makeup and nails.
When it comes to beauty, 2021 will be about feelin’ cute.

  • Indie nails +21x
  • Smiley face nails +9x
  • Indie makeup +4x
  • Inner eye pop of color +45%
  • Butterfly eye makeup +6x
Poppin’ Protective Styles

Low-maintenance is the new high heat

Pinners will get creative with braiding techniques that are protective,
low-maintenance, and glamorous. Beyond the braids, style mavens will add their own personal touch with beads or colorful highlights.

  • Braids with fade +9x
  • Knotless box braids +150%
  • Yarn braids styles +145%
  • Bubble braids +135%
  • Viking braids men +90%

Defiant brows are the new defined brows

Brush up your brow game. In 2021, people will embrace bold brows and experiment with statement-making styles. Nothing is too out-of-the-brow
this year.

  • Goth eyebrows +120%
  • Above eyebrow tattoo +60%
  • Ombre powder brows +50%
  • Bleached eyebrows +160%
  • Colorful eyebrows +35%


Not-So-Furry Friends

Frogs are the new Fido

Warm and fuzzy is overrated. (And high maintenance, to be honest.) In 2021, people will be on the lookout for new types of pets to keep them company, like lizards, snails and frogs.

  • pet lizards +40%
  • tortoise food +95%
  • pet frog +110%
  • pet snails +160%
  • pet chameleon +50%
Save A Parent, Save The Planet

Planet is the new playground

Let’s save the planet, but make it fun. In 2021, parents will entertain kids while they educate them and make art with what they already have (like pencil shavings!).

  • Art education projects +35%
  • Outdoor education +85%
  • Cardboard toys +85%
  • Pencil shaving art for kids +115%
  • Banana peel fertilizer +3x
Lessons In Mindfulness

Heart schooling is the new homeschooling

Don’t underestimate a good heart-to-heart in 2021. Parents will school their kids in mindfulness, moral lessons, and real-world teachings. Because the Pythagorean theorem will only get you so far.

  • Mindmap ideas creative +3x
  • Stories with moral lessons +4x
  • Teaching kids manners +145%
  • Government lessons +185%
  • Mindfulness activities for children +3x


Weddings, Unplugged

Low-key weddings are the new high-key occasions aSay “I do” to minimalist matrimony. Couples will make their big day more laid back than ever – starting with smaller venues and no-frills elopements.

  • Small backyard wedding +160%
  • Simple wedding cake small one-tier +2x
  • Wedding jean jacket bride +130%
  • Courthouse wedding outfit +2x
  • Desert elopement +55%
Little Moments Of Big Love

Planning is the new love language

Pinners have always been planners. They’ll lean into that skill more than ever this year. In 2021, people will plan even the smallest moments to celebrate the people they love, from movie nights to monthsaries.

  • Monthsary message for girlfriend +145%
  • Anniversary box for him +80%
  • Cheers and beers party +85%
  • Movie date night at home 110%
  • Death to my 20s party +3x


Bet On Yourself

CEO is the new DIY

Meet the team. (That’s you.) Pinners will tap into their entrepreneurial side
and use Pinterest to bolster their biz. Branding strategies, podcast tips, and
small business ideas will all be high in demand this year.

  • Branding your business +105%
  • Podcast design +130%
  • Entrepreneur motivation +2x
  • Accounting basics +150%
  • Small business ideas +90%

Hobbies And Interests

World Play

Globecrafting is the new globetrotting

When you can’t travel the world, absorb culture in a different way. Global-inspired hobbies will be on the rise as Pinners expand their interests and look for new ways to get crafty.

  • Jyotish astrology +3x
  • Ancient Egyptian architecture +2x
  • Persian calligraphy art +20x
  • Irish quilt patterns +100%
  • Japanese carpentry +95%
Progress, Not Perfect

No skills is the new masterclass

Give yourself permission to be bad at something. Or surprisingly good at
something. In 2021, people will embrace a beginner’s mindset and teach themselves skills from scratch.

  • Knife painting for beginners +150%
  • Sublimation for beginners +11x
  • How to skateboard for beginners
  • +155%
  • Resin art for beginners +3x
  • Candle making for beginners +80%
Embracing The Tactile

Embroidery is the new tie-dye

Get a hobby, but make it cool. Pinners will lean into hands-on activities like
colorful embroidery and one-of-a-kind leatherworking in 2021. Just don’t call it a grandma pastime.

  • Glass etching designs +4x
  • Crochet basics +155%
  • Aesthetic embroidery +3x
  • Bottle painting ideas +3x
  • Leatherworking tools +2x
Digital Decor

Phone decor is the new home decor

Pinners will design their digital spaces with the same intention as their homes in 2021. Phone wallpapers with personality, widget designs and lock
screens that match your aesthetic are on the rise.

  • Laptop wallpaper aesthetic high quality +30x
  • Playlist covers photo aesthetic +24x
  • Funny lock screen wallpaper +3x
  • Gaming background wallpaper +2x
  • Get off my phone wallpaper +170%