#SocialThrowback2020: Social Media Campaigns that rose above the challenges of the lockdown

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Social Samosa presents the ingenious campaigns from 2020 that braved the impact of the lockdown through engaging social media activations, UGC, and collaborative campaigns.

With production at the brands’ end minimized, reduced resources, a new stream of ingenious campaigns were launched in 2020. Many of these social media campaigns tapped formats or new axioms and associated with creators, artists, experts from related fields, or known and reliable personalities to brave the sudden WFH due to the lockdown.

Swiggy collaborated with Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar during the initial phase of the pandemic when essential services such as food delivery and kitchens were permitted to remain open, but psychological factors such as fear of being infected through food, the concern of hygiene, and more had severely impacted the food delivery business.

Ranveer Brar apprised viewers with tips and measures that would help consumers to curb the risk of infection as much as possible while consuming food delivered at home.

Oreo India first executed the campaign #AtHomeWithOreo showcasing various recipes that viewers can try to relish new dishes made with Oreo, in recent months the brand has launched an episodic series of cooking tutorials called #OreoReciPic Ft. Rohan Joshi & Pooja Dhingra, where we see the comedian and the chef teaching crowd-sourced recipes.

Through the lockdown, Jeep gave it’s seven-slot grille a homely twist, and shared seven ideas over the course of a few days, for activities one can indulge in and turn each day into an indoor adventure.

The suggested activities included reading, cleaning & sanitizing, gardening, coloring, and more along with recommendations for each activity.

During the same period, Converse initiated the conversation of creation, and invited users to dance, paint, skate, animate, or create with whatever suits their plate, and the brand commissioned select creative work to tell the Converse story.

The brand showcased upcoming underdogs on their Instagram, Twitter and TikTok handles. The best of the community was also provided with tools, products, and collaborators.

Entertainment & education was a void filled by several brands in collaboration with artists, and experts. Bacardi launched the #HappyAtHome series of virtual concerts, HarperCollins Publishers rolled out educative tutorials and content, many more brands.

Video chat was a prevalent format that most narratives were depicted through, but for the promotions of Bulbbul, producers Anushka Sharma & Karnesh Sharma, and director Anvita Dutt took the format a notch higher with visual effects, giving a glimpse of the supernatural theme of the movie.

More of such ingenious campaigns leaped over the obstacles set by 2020.

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Safety Tips For Food Delivery Ft. Ranveer Brar – Swiggy India

#OreoReciPic Ft. Rohan Joshi & Pooja Dhingra – Oreo India

#StopTheBias Ft. Sushant Divgikr – Shoppers Stop

#HCCBatHome – HarperCollins Publishers

Calming Pranayam With Ira Trivedi – Penguin India

DIY With Disney Channel – Disney India

Makeup Hygiene Hacks – Nykaa

Shot On Canon EOS R5 With Reji Bhaskar – Canon India

#CreateAtHome – Converse

Explore The Great Indoors – Jeep

Bulbbul Promotions

#HappyAtHome – Bacardi

#HairForYou – Godrej Professional

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