With railway-chai themed campaign, Society Tea promotes instant tea range

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Society Tea has released a campaign to celebrate the iconic 'Chai Chai' phraseology employed by chaiwallas at railway stations across India.

Tea is so weaved into the fabric of our everyday life that sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to rekindle some of these associations with tea. One such memorable one is that of the Chaiwalla at a train station. As soon as the train halted, one couldn’t miss the nasal twang laden, strangely rhapsodic, the sing-song sales pitch of the chaiwalla for his refreshing cup of the special chai...his annoyingly rhythmic tone invitingly piercing the air. Society Tea has brought alive this imagery in their new campaign.

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Inspired by that little hiatus at the station, the campaign beautifully conveys a message that now anyone can enjoy a special cup of flavoured tea — a mix of aromatic Indian spices — be it the quintessential ‘Masala’, the ‘Desi Elaichi’, the 'Adrakwali Chai' or the refreshing ‘Lemongrass tea’, anywhere, anytime in just under a minute with the One Minute Instant Tea range by Society Tea.

Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea said, “Tea to Indians is not just a beverage, it is a habit embedded into life. Most of us want to have our special chai in a moment’s notice but usually, that’s not possible. One Minute Tea is an outcome of this need for a special cup of chai that anyone can make. And what better way to convey this than juxtapose the very memorable call for chai at train and bus stations against people of all ages.”

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