#SSTurns9: We owe it all to you, Readers!

Hitesh Rajwani
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Hitesh Rajwani, CEO, Social Samosa shares a message as Social Samosa Network turns 9 today!

At Social Samosa, we have got a chance to extend the festivities as the labor of our collective love and efforts turns 9 today

They say it's the journey that matters more than your goal. And we can't agree more! This journey from a Blog to a publication and now a network of thriving publishers who believe in the power of Social Media has been enriching & enlightening.

Our canvas now captures

- Advertising & Marketing landscape across all mediums with Social Samosa & Media Samosa

- Content Creators and Digital Celebrities with Social Ketchup

- Local Businesses, News & Events with Local Samosa

Today we are home to an ever-growing community of Advertisers, Agency Professionals, Content Creators, Local Businesses, and Marketers.

This is just the beginning, we are learning and evolving with the stories of inspiration and success from this community.

Thanks to each and every one of you for strengthening our resolve to facilitate and nurture this ecosystem with our content and initiatives. Your love, support, and faith have been the driving force for us all this while.

Here's a Toast to the 9 years of our #SamosaBond, we hope this bond gets stronger every passing day

Share your love, feedback, and experience with us here or put it out on Social Media with #SSTurns9. It will be our pleasure to converse with you.

We will look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great week and an amazing holiday season ahead.