Twitter launches new endpoints as part of Early Access to the Twitter API v2

Twitter endpoints

Developers can use the new endpoints – user Tweet timeline and user mention timeline, to request a Twitter user’s Tweets or mentions using their user ID.

The new Twitter endpoints are designed to analyze or display a user’s Tweets or mentions as a part of research on consumer behavior or for customized offerings.

The platform mentions brands and businesses can use the endpoints to build customer support tools or brand analysis tools and researchers can use it to study how a user’s Tweet sentiment changes over time. The user Tweet timeline and user mention timeline endpoints support the v2 response format, the new format also includes context annotations.

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These endpoints also allow to programmatically retrieve data on Twitter polls and also support public and private (non-public, organic) metrics. Private metrics are available for Tweets within the last 30 days for authenticated users only.

The user mention timeline endpoint allows developers to retrieve the Tweets mentioning a specified user using application-only authentication. The endpoints now support pagination tokens to help obtain all of the results for a request if they are too large to fit in a single response.

Developers can check out the tutorial to learn how to use the new endpoints. An approved developer account and a Project created are necessary to use the endpoints.