Twitter tests a prompt showing mutual information to boost interactions

twitter mutual

As a part of a new test by Twitter on Android, whenever a user replies to a Tweet by an account they don’t follow, the user would be shown a prompt that shows information such as Topics followed by both, mutual connections, and Profile bio.

The prompt is seemingly directed towards highlighting things in common between the strangers or mutual followers which may lead to striking a conversation or building a connection, also resulting in more engagement on Twitter.

With this new feature, users would be able to befriend a person they are unfamiliar with but have something in common, with the information they’ve made publicly available through their Profile, such as their hobbies, interests, and more.

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Back in 2018, Facebook was also testing a similar feature that was not rolled out broadly. The ‘things in common label’ would appear on a comment posted on a public post, which would go as (for example) “You both are from Mumbai, Maharashtra”.

Since interactions with strangers are one of the most common happenings on Twitter, the feature may prove useful to boost engagement. Public discussions, exchange of opinions, and interactions that would have ended after one conversation may lead to connections if initiated by the users.