Twitter shares updates on brand safety measures on the platform

Twitter brand safety

Twitter has announced its efforts in association with industry partners to maintain a healthy environment for brands to advertise and improve brand safety solutions.

Along with their initiatives, Twitter also shares its key focus areas for 2021 around brand safety on the platform.

Third-Party Brand Safety Measurement Solutions

The platform has announced DoubleVerify (DV) and Integral Ad Science (IAS) as Twitter’s preferred partners for providing independent reporting on the context in which ads appear on Twitter.

The partnership has been formed in an attempt to provide solutions to advertisers that help them understand what type of content appears around their ads next to their ads.

The solutions are an addition to the third-party viewability measurement solutions with DV and IAS, that are already available. Custom solutions would be created and rolled out in the testing phase in early 2021.

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MRC Accreditation

Twitter shares that they have started the proposal process for the accreditation across the four Media Ratings Council’s offered Accreditation Services: Viewability, Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Filtration, Audience Measurement, and Brand Safety.


Twitter would be conducting research projects to understand the impact of adjacency of content between ads in personalized home feeds. This research would also be integrtated into the solutions created by Twitter in association with DV and IAS.

The platform also shares that early research by Twitter’s data science teams indicates that on the platform, adjacency between ads and divisive content has not yet been found to affect brand favorability.


Developing solutions in collaboration with brand safety partners to provide an improved and informed experience for advertisers will be a key focus area for Facebook in 2021.