Virtual dating emerges as a recurrent theme in lockdown brand campaigns

Virtual dating brand campaigns

The ongoing pandemic has opened up several creative possibilities around love, virtual dating, and romance, we take a look at how brand campaigns are making the most of it.

Much of the world and how we interact with it has changed in the last couple of months. This has had an impact on relationships, both intimate and otherwise, and the way brands create marketing narratives around them. Though dating apps have seen the biggest shift in the way they portray romantic communication, other category businesses have also jumped in to leverage virtual dating as a content peg for brand campaigns.

Two of the most prominent campaigns that have done so include Center fresh and H&M. Talking about the need to stay fresh and dress up for virtual dates, these brands have tried to play on the concept of romance and how it can bloom despite the distance.

On the part of dating apps, the concept has been used in different ways by Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid. They have used advertisements as well as branded content collaborations to talk about product innovations and the ways in which they have been able to facilitate connections through the pandemic. Stories have been at the heart of these efforts.

Center fresh



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For the most part, these brand campaigns have been reflecting the way our connections and surroundings are changing and how people are adapting to the new normal. So, which one is your favourite so far?